Systemic change for the food industry

Creating the future of food for everyone

Food is at the centre of what makes us human. Consumers are increasingly demanding access and knowledge about what they eat, how it was produced and what effect it has both in their bodies and their planet. The arrival of new technologies is also dramatically changing how we relate to nutrition. These trends will have an outsized impact on the food industry.

Katapult Food finds, invests on and supports the startups that will define what the future of food is like.

Our Focus

Systemic focus

Bringing systemic changes to the food system is going to be the most effective way to have positive impact in the world

Our Focus

Tech is Key

New technologies will have enormous impact on the food we eat and the industry that produces it

Our Focus

Exponential Technology

Being at the forefront of food innovation we will deliver both outsized returns and positive impact

What we offer

  • 3-month fast paced, hands on program based in London to help scale your business
  • Access to a global network of leading thematic mentors
  • Investment into your company as part of the accelerator program
  • Access to further capital and investors to support your company

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