strategic platform for systemic change in education

Creating a thriving positive world for everyone

A future driven by technology needs an education system capable of delivering not only the right kind of knowledge but also the right kind of skills – soft and hard. Building strong and resilient people capable of contributing to the development of a thriving society requires a fresh take on everything from kindergartens to professional education. We are building a new paradigm for lifelong learning.

Our Focus

Sustainable Development

Solving sustainable development goals to create a collaborative, thriving and happy learning society.

Our Focus


Delivering outsized financial returns.

Our Focus

Lifelong Learning

To support and co-create systemic change in education with a focus on the whole human being.

What we offer

  • Manage and develop a strategic portfolio of initiatives through direct investments
  • Setting up a fund and development program investing in learning initiatives ready to scale
  • Support and co-create initiatives together with close partners as well as enabling portfolio companies through directed efforts – strategic
  • Support and build a global eco-system to drive systemic change in education

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